Éléments sur le conflit en Ukraine

Histoire du conflit

Scott Ritter

Retranscription d'une partie de l'interview de Scott Ritter par Ed Mays ud 6 avril 2022 et publiée sur la chaîne youtube de ce dernier le 14 avril : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fNrnWxXhP0

Well, I'm a historian by training so I always go back to the beginning. I don't like to start in the middle of a history because you miss the context. The beginning actually goes back to World War II. Prior to World War II you had the Molotov-Ribentrop pact, they decided in 1939 to divide Poland between the Germany and the Sovied union. Because of this pact, the way Poland was divided, eastern Poland became western Ukrain. Also so was this artificial entity that was load down to Ukrain so the population of eastern Poland —it's know in history as Galicia—has been very resentful of soviet rule. And when the Germans invaded Soviet Union in june 1941 they were actually welcome as liberators by the population of western Ukrain. Almost overnight eighty thousand of these western ukrainians, eastern poles immediately joined the german military as part of the waffen SS. And so they came to express their militancy with one of the most odious nazi organisations imaginable the waffen SS, the military army of the nazi party. And they fought for the Germans, and they did this fight they murdered, they commited atrocities against the poles, they commited atrocities against the russians, they commited atrocities against the jews. A lot of people will head of the Babi Yar massacre that took place in Kiev, over thirty thousand jews show down over the course of several days : it may have been directed by the germans but the triggermen were ukrainians, these western ukrainians that joined the SS. They had a guy named Stepan Bandera. Stepan Bandera was their leader, he was their leader beforehand, he basically joined the german cause, they'll claim as a ukrainian nationalist that he joined not because he supported Hitler but because he was against Staline. But he wore a german uniform and his men worked for the Waffen SS and they killed jews so to me there's no distinguishing the two. But in 1944 as Germany began to loose the war the Bandera mouvement broke away from the germans it began an act of resistance against the soviets, were're talking large-scale resistance and to show you how large it was from 1944 until 1954 this resistance killed over three hundred thousand ukrainians lost their lives because of this resistance, thirty-six thousand soviet security forces and red army soldiers lost their lives, this is a major war going on for a decade. And what makes this major war important is that many ukrainians were controlled by a german intelligence organization—I think it's called the 12th department–headed by a german general named Gehlen. When the war ended, the United States rather that arresting Gehlen and prosecuting him for warcrimes, instead brought in his entire organisation, called it “the Gehlen Organisation” and subordinated it to the CIA so they can continue running operations in the Soviet Union and from 1945 to 1955 the CIA funded this ukrainian opposition, trained it, send it weapons, organised it. In 1955 they basically were defeated but the CIA didn't walk away from 1955 until 1990 the CIA continued to fund and support and nurture this Bandera movement as part of their propaganda effort and kept them alive, kept the ideology alive as part of their anti-soviet activity. This funding only stopped in 1990 but the reason why I bring it up is that when we talk about 2014 we talk about the empowerment of the Bandera movement from a small right-wing ideology that had limited political impact into this major player in Ukraine. And some people say have could you have known, how could you have know this was going to happen, how could you have known the CIA built it, nurtured it, grew it, owned it, controlled it ? Um, it wasn't a secret to the United States, so we knew exactly what we were doing when we breathed live into this militant movement in 2014. You know we supported these color revolutions ; 2004 there's a color revolution, the orange revolution that throughtout old soviet rule brought in a quote-unquote democracy, there's never been a democracy in Ukraine. ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. Everybody talks about russian oligarchs, ukrainians have more oligarchs per capita than the russians do and their oligarchs actually control the politics. How did Zelensky become president ? Zelensky was a comedian working for a channel owned by an oligrach who decided “I wan to make you president”. Zelensky didn't wake upp one day and go “I want to be president”. He played one on TV, a very popular comedy—I think called “servant of the people”— I've watched it, funny as [inaudible], really good show you should watch it but it's not reality, it's fiction. It's like if americains were watching West Wing and decided to elect Martin Sheen as president because he played one on TV. Martin Sheen has no qualification to be president of the United States but he played one on TV so we're gonna make him president, well that's what the Ukrainians did because the state of their politics is so horrible. But going back to 2014, there was a pro-russian president called Victor Ianoukovytch who was struggling with a major economic problem. The majority of ukrainians wanted to be aligned with the european union economically. I think they they ssaw that their future, their best economic future was through Europe not through Moscow. The problem is that the conditions that the european economic union were seekin gto impose were prohibitive, and it would have required actually Russia to pay for Ukraine to become a EU member. And Putine met with Ianoukovytch and said Look, I don't care if you jon the EU, I'm just not gonna pay for it, Russia's not paying for it, so you wanna join ? Join ! But if you can't afford it then you've got to come and work with me. And so Ianoukovytch thought about it and said OK we can't afford it, I'm going to Russia. Well the people rose up. There was demonstration street, peaceful demonstration street by the way, very peaceful demonstrations : the legitimate expression of democracy. I don't think anybody had a problem, Ianoukovytch didn't have a problem with these demonstrations he understood where they were coming from. But then what happens is the United States and the European Union come in and say there is a weakness here, we can solve this problem by orchestrating a coup d'état that will eliminate Ianoukovytch and we can bring in our own people and these are the people that the United States governement had identified earlier and we had been training them actively. How do we know this ? Because Victoria Nuland was the state department official responsible for that part of the world, has been intercepted with a phone call, a famous phone call where she told the European Union something that we can't say on polite panels but she also talked about our boy “yatz”, “yatz” is short of course for the name of a man who eventually became the prime minister of ukraine. We hand picked this guy, whe hand picked the government we were talking about “Yeah it's competing with Kleshko and all this stuff and who's gonna be the best person”… we're making the decisions and this is a coup d'état. Now, the peaceful demonstrators can't get rid of Ianoukovytch so we brought in the people we now, we brought in the Bandera people. And they came in arm, they seized they stormed police armories, took weapons, came down and overnight they turned what was a peaceful demonstration in the Maidan plaza into a violent revolution, that killed scores of people. Horrible acts of violence I mean I'm not—yeah I don't get too political here—we call what happened on january 6th of last year (2021) an insurrection, you know the horrific storming of the US capitole, I condemn it with all my heart, I view that as a gross act of violence that's a demonstration gone bad but it wasn't an insurrection ladies and gentlemen. In an insurrection they would not have volontarily left the Capitole, an insurrection [they] would have gone in with guns blazing killing every member of congress, that's what an insurrection does. How do we know ? Because there was an insurrection in the maidan in february 2014. That's what an insurrection looks like, it was a US orchestrated to achieve one purpose, to get rid of Victor Ianoukovytch. How do we know that ? Because Joe Biden called Victor Ianoukovytch in person and said “You gotta go”. I don't mean to get angry but come on man, what is regime change policy, we've never had regime change policy ? Why did Biden get on the phone and tell Ianoukovytch he has to go !? That's regime change policy literally. Writ'n large. Big letters. And he left. But now what would happen, you've created this mess, you've empowered these nazis and they're now in charge. People say again they're minorities, man, yeah they had the violence in the maidan and all that but at the end of the day when they ran for parliament they didn't get majorities in parliament. Well you know who else didn't have a majority, the bolcheviks. you go back and study the russian history you got these two major elements, you got the mencheviks wich means “small” and the bolcheviks which means “big”. But the mencheviks were actually big, and the bolcheviks were actually small, why did the blocheviks win, because they were violent, they were violent. And so now you've empowered these Bandera-worshipping neonazis to come in and cease power and they're not gonna let it go. They immediately intimidate ukrainian rada to start passing laws that empower nationalism, ukrainian nationalism at the expense of russian speaking ukrainians and ethnic russians. They outlaw the language, they outlaw the culture and they violently seek to impose their will. they go down to odessa city on the coast. there's a riot there after a soccer game, they throw a hundred fifty pro-russian demonstrators into the house of culture then set it on fire. Over fourty people die. The russians are enraged, ukrainians start to make a move toward Crimea and the russian government says “not so fast”, they send in the little green men and Russia takes control of Crimea, blocking them. But where do the nazis go from there, they head straight to the Donbass, they start assaulting the russian population there. The russians rose up and declare independance—a curious fact, Poutine does not recognize them as independant states, he rejected that, he said no you're part of Ukraine, we have to respect the territorial sovereignity of Ukraine but we will support you in your effort to defend your rights. And so thus began the ukrainian civil war in the Donbass, where ukrainian army backed with these nenazis military units [inaudible] trying to forcefully impose themselves on a russian population that rejects being manhandled by the ukrainians. They form independant militias that are supported by the russians, and now we have a war, a civil war, it's a horrible war. I breaks down into front lines and here's the nature of the fighting. Petro Porochenko you know a president that came in after the series, he's the president before Zelensky gave a speech, he says let me tell you what's gonne happen—he's talking to the people in the Donbass—our kids meaning ukrainian kids are going to go to kindergarten, then they're gonna go to the store, they're gonna go to the park and they're gonne have a normal life. your kids are going to be cowering in the basements while we shell you evey single day. You wand to know why the russian are mad, because that's the life that these russians were subjected to. Fourteen thousand people lost their lives in the course of eight years of non-stop violence. It could have come to an end in 2015 what we call the Normandy format that was the germans, the french, the ukrainian fovernment got together with the russian there are observers and they agreed to a ceasefire and keeping the Donbass in Ukraine but that the legislation of Ukraine would pass a series of laws that gave sort of a special autonomous status to the russians so that they wouldn't be impacted by the anti-russian laws that have been passed : a very reasonable thing. But when Porochenko tried to implement it the neo-nazis—remember this minority—told him if you do that we will kill you. Again we're talking about what the definition of an insurrection is. Imagine somebody telling joe Biden if you sign that legislation i'm gonna kill you, the secret service would be all over that person, that would be the last you ever heard of him, righfully so. but here the nazis say you sign it you die so guess what happens, he doesn't sign it. Zelensky come in on a platform of peace and he wants to implement “Minsk” but he was told, not just told they made a videotape of this where the guy basically says to the videotape if he signs he will be hanging by the neck until dead on some major Kiev thorought way. But it's the truth if the lynch decided he'd be hanging by the neck untiL dead. Who runs Ukraine ? It's not Zelensky, it's not the parliament, it's the nazis. And if you're a russian—and I'm going to leave it with this because it is the emotional part—you thought loosing fourty thousant people was emotional I'm gonne give you what emotional is : emotional is loosing twenty-three to thirty-two million people in a war against nazi germany. That is what defines Russia today. Every major town, every major city has a monument to the people who died. Every family lost people one, two, three, four, five, a dozen, twenty. In that war. The biggest holiday in Russia is may 9th victory day. It's not like america when was the last time united states celebrated victory in Europe day ? Never ! Not in our memory. We forgot about it. We don't have any more Wolrd War II veterans they're all dead or dying. But the russians, they're dead and dying too you know how they remeber it, they form something they call the immortal regiment. So the family members of those veterans carry the portraits of the people who fought their war and they parade by the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands every may 9th in rememberance of this, it's in their DNA and now you're asking them to sit back and watch the nazi ideology come to life in Ukraine and do nothing about it ? In Amercia I'm sick and tired of hearing americans saying denazification—which is one of the military objectives set forth by Vladimir Poutine—“it's a myth it's a joke” : it's huge it's as real as it gets man, it's as real as it gets.